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Laura Abadi was born in Mexico City. She studied art at the Painting and Sculpture Academy of Fine Arts La Esmeralda, and at present, she continues her studies in the sculpture workshop of Master Marcela Arvida Eduardo Nasta. Laura works the mud to finish it in bronze, wood, marble, or terracotta. Her personality emerges strongly in her works that reflect the family union, maternity, and woman in the world of music, as well as portraits.


  • First Urban Sculpture Symposium in Mexico.
  • Casa de la Cultura de Bellas Artes in the city of Aguascalientes, Mex.
  • Urban Sculpture Competition in Naucalpan in Mexico.
  • Solo exhibition of painting and sculpture at the PRI's Dr. Atl Gallery.
  • Solo exhibition of painting · Form, Color and Symbol ¨ at Pedro Gerson Gallery in the CDI
  • First show of the foundry workshop at the La Esmeralda Gallery.
  • Solo exhibition of sculptures · reflexes ¨ at Pedro Gerson Gallery in the CDI.
  • Group exhibition of painting and sculpture at The Museum of the Palace of Cortez in Cuernavaca, Mor.
  • Exhibition "Seven Women".
  • "Multifaceted Women" exhibition.
"Rhythms and Beats" Exhibition. And many other diverse collectives.