Eugen Dudas

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Eugen Dudas is a self-taught artist residing in Linden, NJ. He was born and raised in Slovakia.


Despite having arts in his heart since his early age thanks to his father, he did not start his career as an artist. He chose a different career to start with. Upon graduating from Aviation University in Slovakia as an electrical engineer, he launched his professional career in the air force. After 17 years of his prosperous and flourishing career and the army reorganization, he started to pursue his longtime dream to work with the arts, which he has always been very passionate about.


He opened up his small art shop in Slovakia where he exhibited his paintings, the paintings of other artists, and antiques. It is called Eurogaleria and it is still open. In July 2014, he came with his wife to the USA and continued devoting his time to painting, and fulfilling his passion.


He attended many Plein Air events in Slovakia, Hungary, and Rumania where he exhibited his work too. His art is unique and the use of painting boards is quite unconventional. He paints on wood or plywood board and makes the best use of the wood grain. His paintings express feelings about everyday life, motion, and relaxing times and try to create the relaxed feeling in the viewer. Usage of mixed media and colors is dependent on the specific image that he is creating.


The artist joined the Guild of Creative Arts in the fall 2015, and subsequently participated in the Edgy Show in 2016, in which he was awarded the award of merit. In June 2016 he became an Exhibiting Member of the Guild and he is looking forward to future exhibitions.