Paul Hansen

Mixed Media















Paul Hansen grew up in New Jersey and became interested in art at an early age. As children, Paul and his brother, Steven, spent countless hours trying to emulate artists like Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Don Martin, and artists from Marvel and D.C. comics. Paul was also heavily influenced by album-cover artists such as H. R.Giger, Stanley Mouse, and Rick Griffen, to name a few.


During his early twenties, Paul entered the house-painting trade and was exposed to Trompe l’oeil and various decorative painting techniques. He was fascinated with wood graining and marbleizing and learned these finishes by hands-on experience. Paul made a conscious decision to apply his knowledge and love of art to canvas and board in the year 2000.


Paul feels that art already exists before it is created, that it’s a matter of channeling it, becoming a conduit of a collective spirit, tapping into something primal and inherent. He is influenced by art from many cultures: Native American, Celtic, Aztec, and African as well as prehistoric cave paintings. Each piece of art is meant to evoke a deep sense of emotion in the viewer. Paul believes this connection to his artwork proves the spiritual axiom true: that we are all somehow connected.