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JoAnn Lense began studying photography in her early teens, during junior high school. As a dyslexic who was not identified until 22 years of age, photography served as an extremely important outlet. She writes: “the darkroom became my oasis amidst the turbulence of my academic world. The act of holding a camera, of taking the shot and being witness to what I observed, permitted me to thrive in an otherwise unjust and unruly daily existence.” 


JoAnn feels that photography permits her to journey and explore beauty and the mundane, the obvious and the not so obvious. She loves the discovery, meeting anonymous people, walking all over a location and then backtracking to make sure she has seen all that was to be seen. Photography taught her how to develop patience, to learn to wait for the right light, time, and space, and how to muddle through the technical learning curve of the ever-changing reality of the equipment. She writes, “I honor the permission to capture and present a moment in time, as I have perceived it to be.”


JoAnn is an Exhibiting Member of the Guild of Creative Art. In the late 70s and early 80s, she served as Director of Photography for a crystal and glassware company. There, she wore many hats: art director, typesetter (back in the days when you physically choose your font), designed the layout of many different types of shots, hired photographers and four-color printers to produce 8x10s, catalogues, and other various photographic representations to display the companies numerous pieces of crystal and glassware to be shown throughout the United States.


Along with acting as the Director of Photography, JoAnn continued studying photography. She is pulled to many different genres and likes to explore the abstract, street/political art, and graffiti, as well as more traditional fare such as landscape, floral studies, and portraits of people and her dogs and cats.


She has many pieces in private collections and presently has three large-scale pieces at the Freehold Municipal County Building and two photographs exhibited in the All-Members Show at the Guild.


“Why am I a photographer? Because I foresee movement, a moment, an emotion prior to it’s existence. Because I am able to anticipate motion: motion of a tree, a brook, a blade of grass.  Because I am able to arrest a moment at its zenith. Because I see beauty in what others perceive as ugly. Because I’ve been granted the privilege to capture a moment in time; a moment that is fleeting yet powerful. I am a photographer because I anticipate light, shadow, odor and presence. I am a photographer because that is who I am.”