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Alice Major grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Her love affair with flowers began in her grandmother’s large Pennsylvania garden where she spent her summers. Like faithful old friends, the flowers were there to greet her return each year. It was at her grandmother’s side that she learned their names, habits, and the discipline and rewards of their cultivation. She was always welcome to freely gather as many as she wished, which she pressed into thick scrapbooks, wove into “jewelry,” garnished mud pies with, and arranged in bouquets that were received with endless delight by her mother.


Flowers were one of Alice’s favorite subjects as her interest in photography developed over the years, but it wasn’t until she got her first macro lens that she found the vehicle for the depth of expression she sought. A course in Photoshop at Brookdale Community College opened the door for Alice to actually merge with the flowers, to create an image that not only captured their reflections, but the feelings they aroused in her as well. So, for example, if something in a flower reminded her of a sunset, or a landscape, or a galaxy, she was able to emphasize that feature so that others would see and appreciate it, too, maybe for the first time. The reaction to her work has proven this to have happened, and nothing pleases her more than to hear someone say, “Oh, I never noticed that before, but look, it’s all right there…and it’s so beautiful!”


In 1989, Alice moved to Freehold, NJ, where she cultivates her own garden. Many of its residents are the offspring of her grandmother’s original garden, cuttings that have withstood transplantings and upheavals, children, droughts, groundhogs, some seasons of neglect, and still, like old friends, return faithfully each year to smile for the camera and show her things she’s never noticed before.