Robert Nardolillo

















Artist’s Statement: “I am inspired by movement and energy. I paint my thoughts, sometimes split-second impressions of a subject. I grab the essence and the mood of a scene before my intellect is aware. Watercolor is my chosen medium. I love to exploit watercolor in an untraditional way with emphasis on a strong focal point.


"I think slow and long before placing my brush strokes, which are fast and deliberate. I struggle at times to visualize the final painting, as the finished product evolves in my mind. I am constantly reacting to fragments of my work, hoping to convey unity of familiar scenes with unfamiliar feelings of color and atmosphere."


Robert Nardolillo is a native of Brooklyn. He was accepted into the School of Visual Arts in NY, where he struggled between two career choices: art versus medicine. Currently a practicing podiatric physician and surgeon, his love of art always persevered.


Nardolillo has won numerous awards, most recently the NJWS Mary S. Lawrence Founders Award, and the Salmagundi Club Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Work, 2015. He is an artist member of the Salmagundi Club NYC, the American Watercolor Society, the NJ Watercolor Society, and an Exhibiting Member of the Guild of Creative Art. His work is on display throughout the US and internationally.