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Jim Powers became fascinated by photography as a teenager when he began learning his craft with a twin-lens reflex camera. His mentors were the writings and work of Ansel Adams and Andreas Fenninger.

College, career, and family responsibilities intervened for many years. With retirement imminent, he returned to his earliest interests: photography and the outdoors. Although his current work is primarily with a digital camera, he still reverts to medium-format film from time to time.

His work is characterized by simple composition, a vivid color palette, and a wide diversity of subject matter. “Shapes, colors, and the quality of light are what first attract me to a subject,.” Jim says. 

Jim has taken photography courses at Brookdale Community College and has been a student of Laury Egan’s for many years. His work has been on display on the State of New Jersey’s Official web site, local galleries and libraries, He most frequently exhibits at the Guild of Creative Art.

About the pictures from the link below, Jim says: "These photos are part of a series I think of as "One Alone". I don't know the people in these photographs - they are strangers, not models. I've tried to create a balance between the person and his or her environment to give you , the viewer, a sense of place and to reinforce their solitude. These folks are very much in the moment - and alone. I can't help wondering what they are thinking about. There are two exceptions to their being strictly alone - in one case there are two people but they are alone,, and in the other, the person is implied rather than seen. Enjoy!"