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Nick Rozzo, a resident of Port Monmouth, began his photographic pursuits as a pre-teen on the streets of Newark. Self-taught, he pursues his photographic interests through his life experiences and travels throughout the United States with his wife, Mike.


Nick is a generalist—his interests are varied, without specialization in any one field of endeavor or genre. His direct, yet not traditional style, does not follow the standard rules of photography but opts to challenge the norm in order to create dynamic results. Simplicity of subject matter, color, and light are basic elements used to produce vivid images that evoke viewer interest and involvement. Nick continues to use traditional slide and print film to promote maximum impact images.




Petersen’s Photographic Magazine - 2nd Place, Swimsuit Contest

New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs - 4 medals

New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs - Merit Awards and Honorable Mention Awards

Monmouth Camera Club - 15 Picture/Slide of the Year Awards

Monmouth Camera Club - Medal Awards, Awards, and Honorable Mention Awards

Metropolitan Camera Club - Awards and Honorable Mention Awards

Middletown Cultural Art Council - 1st Place Color Prints, 2008  Adult Photography Show

Guild of Creative Art - 3rd Place, 2007 Juried Art Show

Published in Corporate Financial Reports




Guild of Creative Art - Solo exhibition, “Straight Eye for the Straight Photographer”

Middletown Public Library - Solo exhibition

Holmdel Library - Solo exhibition

Guild of Creative Art - Regular exhibitor in Juried Art Exhibitions

Monmouth Camera Club - Exhibiting member at various club exhibitions

Thompson Park, Art Exhibition Series -  Solo exhibition




Exhibiting Member of the Guild of Creative Art

Monmouth Camera Club