Andrew Sharkey















As a young child, Andrew Sharkey was encouraged to draw, paint, and explore the world around him which truly shaped his love of art and the outdoors. Choosing to further his abilities as an artist, Andrew pursued a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, focusing on Advertising Design.


As a young creative Andrew worked as a freelance artist for various advertising agencies in both New York and Monmouth County before returning to graduate school in 2011. Graduating in 2013, Andrew received a Masters in Teaching degree with a k-12 Art Education certification from Monmouth University and currently teaches Fine Art as well as Applied Art at Freehold Township High School.


As an artist, Andrew has been primarily focusing on watercolor, however he explores and experiments with all types of medium in order to hone his skills as an artist and educator. His artwork has a strong focus in accurately depicting images seen in nature, and in daily life, with attention to detail in order to realistically and accurately portray these images.