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A native of Prague, Peter Smejkal lived in Munich and New York City before moving to Monmouth County in 1982, and since then has enjoyed the shore’s wealth of cultural, educational and recreational opportunities.


After a 30+ years business career in downtown Manhattan, Peter returned to school for a Digital Imaging and Photography professional certification at New York University’s Center for Design, Digital Arts, and Film. His graduation project was a self-published photo book “Empty Sky No More,” and his photography was profiled at NYU’s Literary Arts and Visual Festival in 2013.


Currently, Peter chairs the Nikon Users Group of the Monmouth Camera Club in Colts Neck, NJ, where he is a salon member. He received awards in both the 2016 and 2017 EyeSights Open Juried Photography Show at the Guild of Creative Art, where he is an Exhibiting Member. He also exhibited and is a member of the Belmar Arts Council.


Peter loves photographing cityscapes to capture their shapes, colors, textures, and patterns, and the contrast between new and old, especially in New York City—a perfect venue for urban photography with its dense network of buildings, designed by the world’s best architects to reach ever higher into the sky. “I love pointing my camera up and capturing the light of the sky reflecting off such iconic buildings. My images are difficult to compose—given the extreme vertical scale—and difficult to expose—given the harsh contrast of bright and dark light. Overcoming these challenges to capture the bold and proud spirit of the city gives me tremendous satisfaction,” says Peter.