Warner White













Warner White pursued photography all through high school and college. He took photographs while he was with the occupying forces in Germany and Czechoslovakia in World War II. He has photographed in China, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the American West. Warner has studied photography with Laury Egan for several years. Recently he has begun extensively exploring the many photographic opportunities within Monmouth County and is especially interested in architectural subjects.


Warner won first place (color) in the 2007 EyeSights Show at the Guild and second place in the 2008 show. He has exhibited at the Monmouth Festival of the Arts, the Frederick Gallery, and in the Monmouth County and Middletown libraries. His photographs have been shown by the Monmouth County Parks System, where they are part of their permanent collection. He is represented by the Evelyn Dunn Gallery in Westfield, NJ, and is an Exhibiting Member of the Guild of Creative Art.