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Art Galleries Online

                                                           Presents Our September Show

                                                      “See Us in September”

                                                                          An Exhibit by
                                                               Guild of Creative Art

                                                                General, Associate, and
         620 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
        732-741-1441                     Exhibiting Members

      Dear  Reader:  Welcome  to  the  Guild  of  Creative  Art’s  newest  Art  Galleries  Online
      exhibition, a beautiful display of original artwork submitted by the Guild of Creative Art’s
      General, Associate, and Exhibiting member artists in a variety of mediums.

      To view the video version of this show, please click HERE.

      All  artwork  shown  is  available  for  purchase.  The  Guild  is  proud  to  offer  original  art  at
      affordable prices. Information about purchasing artwork appears at the end of this show.

                      Heads Up! by Steven Meko - Photograph on Canvas 12x16 - $100 Framed
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