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Art Galleries Online

                     Presents Our 2022

               “EDGY SHOW”

          edg.y   /ej.ē/   adjective: experimental,
           innovative, avant-garde, provocative

              An Exhibit by Guild of Creative Art
                                                                    620 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
        General, Associate, and Exhibiting Members
         February 2022    Volume Volume 22 Issue 2 © Guild of Creative Art 2008–2028

     Welcome  to Art  Galleries  Online,  an  exhibition  of  original  “EDGY”

     themed artwork by Guild of Creative Art members. The judges for this year’s

     show awarded the medals shown below. Congratulations to all.    G

                                             BEST IN SHOW

                     Christopher MacKinnon

                                 Moose Lips Sink Ships

                                                   Mixed Media

                                 HONORABLE MENTIONS

     	       	      Patricia Gallagher Meko, Cat Lady, Mosaic

     	       	      George Hess, Costco Peaches, Acrylic

     	       	      Steven Meko, Holmdel Invasion Sight, Photography

     	       	      Edy Ottesen, Barcelona, Acrylic

     	       	      Paul Pugliese, Black and Blue, Painted Steel

     	       	      Irina Shoyhet, Between the Worlds, Photography

                           Artwork displayed in this show is available for purchase.
                                          Click HERE to purchase artwork.
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