Page 1 - 2021-07-10-July Summer Show of Painters
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Art Galleries


               Presents Our July 2021 Show

        Summer Show of


            An Exhibit by Guild of Creative Art                          The Guild of Creative ArtT

                                                                     620 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
       General, Associate, and Exhibiting Members    

     Welcome to the Guild of Creative Art’s newest Art Galleries Online exhibition of original artwork

     submitted by the Guild of Creative Art’s General, Associate, and Exhibiting member artists in all varieties of
     painting mediums.

     This show features artwork designed to celebrate the beauty of summer through the eyes of the Guild’s

     talented painters. We present our  Summer Show of Painters.

     Artwork displayed in this show is available for purchase. The Guild is proud to offer original art at affordable
     prices. Click HERE to purchase artwork.

     Click HERE  to view the video version of this show                    Click HERE to make a donation to the Guild

                   This Month’s Art Galleries Online Features Artwork by:
                                                 Sherry Blossom

                                                    Vicky Culver
                                                 Yolanda Fleming

                                               Maryann Goodwin

                                                   Randy Mayer

                                           Maryanne Mezzacappa
                                                   Tova Navarra

                                                 Harvey Rogosin

                                                 Jackie St. Angel
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