Artist bio

     He hasn’t stopped photographing his world since he received his first camera as a child, a Kodak Brownie. Over the years he’s progressed to 35mm, followed by 4×5 view camera, and currently digital imaging. Mike has spent many years fine tuning his skills with 35mm cameras and his black & white darkroom. When he took up the challenge of using a view camera, he started to work more with color.
     Since he’s been working exclusively with digital cameras and the digital darkroom, his work has focused even more on the world in color.
     His passion for recording images of all kinds takes him on all-day excursions to places such as Longwood Gardens and the Bronx Zoo, as well as to many local sites. Favorites are the Point Pleasant Beach area and the Manasquan Reservoir. He also loves to take rides to nowhere in particular in his search for just the right image.
     Beauty is all around us. My goal is to create images that invoke a positive emotional response in the viewer. In striving for that, I pay close attention to the three elements of subject, design, and color.
     Because he values the lasting quality of his finished images, Michael uses only archival pigment inks and paper.