Equipment, Software, and Book Reviews

by Jim Powers

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Equipment Reviews

These sites give detailed reviews of most cameras including digital SLR’s. I’ve found these to be helpful. An on-line search for camera reviews will locate many other sites as well.

Steve’s Digicams –

DP Review –

Thom Hogan’s Sans Mirror web site discusses cameras and companies that produce mirrorless cameras including Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, and others –
Welcome to Sans Mirror | Sans Mirror | Thom Hogan

Gordon Laing – Lenses | Cameralabs

Photography Instruction and Information
Updated January 2024

These sites are excellent sources of information about photography techniques, digital workflow and software as well as equipment reviews.

Julieanne Kost:  Adobe Evangeline – has excellent videos on different aspects of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Luminous Landscape –

This site has much to offer and is highly recommended.  It’s essays, tutorials, Understanding series, and equipment reviews are excellent.

 The Online Photographer Blog –

This is a very interesting site edited by Mike Johnston. It is frequently updated and part of the fun is not knowing what topic will show up next. Articles on photography books.

Simon d’Entrement : a professional photographer who has lots of solid information and instruction on a wide variety of subjects.

His link is:

Shutterbug Magazine – Articles on equipment, techniques, accessories, blogs, and more –

The Visual Science Lab blog by Kirk Tuck is a running commentary about photography by a busy professional.  It’s one of my favorite sites.
The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck –

JoelUlises: Joel presents a wide ranging look at many of the most famous and significant photographers.  He covers their work, their bio’s, and their impact in short well presented videos.

His link:

Antony Morganti: He covers features and new releases of software from Adobe and Topaz.  Very useful if you are wondering how to do something or whether to upgrade your software.

His link is:

Photoshop Cafe: An excellent site for tips and tricks using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Their link is: