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2018 EyeSights Juried Photography Show

Best in Color -  Ed Deverell - Courtney's Corner
Best in Monochrome - Dorie Dahlberg - Off-Season Asbury Park
Alice Tendler Award for Artistic Innovation - John Mottola - Proud
Al Goldstein Memorial Award for Landscape - Alan Bogard - Ethereal
Toni Wilczewski Memorial Award for Whimsey - Marilyn Baldi - Geisha
Silver Award for Action - Joe Matxerath - Dance Partners
Silver Award for Animals - Joan Bruno - Eyes on You
Silver Award for Botanical - Beverly Burke - Unfolding
Silver Award for Macro - Jeff Sayre - Flamingo!
Silver Award for People - Hal Kahn - In The Wee Small Hours
Bronze Achievement Award - Alan Bogard - Le Grand Plie
Bronze Achievement Award - Vicki DeVico - Antique Dress
Bronze Achievement Award - Marc F - Forever Young
Bronze Achievement Award - Vince Matulewich - Newark Penn Station Serendipity
Bronze Achievement Award - Helen McAndrew - The Worker
Bronze Achievement Award - Michael Menendez - Misty Harbor, Portland, Maine
Bronze Achievement Award - Ron Pearl - Sunday at Nathan's
Bronze Achievement Award - Khristofher Schoenleber - McDonald's Milky Way
Bronze Achievement Award - Mark Schwartz - IRing of Trees
Bronze Achievement Award - Peter Smejkal - Waiting for Happiness, Lower East Side

2017 October Juried Show


Best in Painting - Elizabeth Schippert - Birch Woods
Best in Photography - Marilyn Baldi - Marina Bay
Best in Sculpture - Alexandra Martin - Colin
Mitchell Award for Acrylic - Donald Robinson - Potting Bench
Friedlander Award for Abstract - Annette Margulies - Someday
Barbara Shieldkret Memorial Award for Abstract Painting - Helene Condouris - Midsummer Light
Guild Award for Artistic Innovation - Linda Colaguori - Born of the Forest Floor
Caivano Memorial Award for Oil - Yelena Snovsky - Ready to Sail
Caivano Memorial Award for Watercolor - Frank Colaguori - Rusted Lock
Hoggie Memorial Award for Photography - John Regan - Lake of the Lost Boys
Bronze Achievement Award - Alexandra Martin - Tom
Bronze Achievement Award - Anthony Migliaccio - Sand Dunes
Bronze Achievement Award - Christopher MacKinnon - Awaiting Davy
Bronze Achievement Award - Dorie Dahlberg - Make Women Great Again
Bronze Achievement Award - Eileen Kennedy - Circus Summer
Bronze Achievement Award - Frank Parisi - Rusty Bow
Bronze Achievement Award - Guido Guazzoni - Winter in the City
Bronze Achievement Award - Helene Condouris - Haze After Rain
Bronze Achievement Award - Kristopher Schoenleber - Chandelier
Bronze Achievement Award - Michael Scherfen - Fontana del Pantheon

2017 EyeSights Juried Photography Show

Best in Color - Louis Rissland (ASM) - A Windows View 
Best in Monochrome - Helen McAndrew (GEM) - Lab Coats
Alice Tendler Award for Artistic Innovation - Vicky Culver (EXM) - Where's Zero? 
Al Goldstein Memorial Award for Landscape - Audrey Vasey - Room with a View 
Toni Wilczewski Memorial Award for Excellence in Color & Composition - Marilyn Baldi (EXM) - Stairwell #2 
Silver Award for Action - Marc F (EXM) - Carmen! 
Silver Award for Animals - Vince Matelewich (EXM) - No Habit Here 
Silver Award for Botanical - Stephen Ravner (EXM) - Three Sisters 
Silver Award for Macro - Jeff Sayre -The Better to See You! 
Silver Award for People - Hal Kahn (EXM) - Tears at Midnight 
Bronze Achievement Award - Susan Boston - Snowing in Navesink 
Bronze Achievement Award - Joan Bruno (GEM) - Awaiting Sunrise 
Bronze Achievement Award - Ed Deverell (EXM) -Counting Humans 
Bronze Achievement Award - Michael Hynes -Deal Lake Reflections 
Bronze Achievement Award - Hal Kahn (EXM) - Angle of Repose 
Bronze Achievement Award - Louis Rissland (ASM) - Alone By The Sea 
Bronze Achievement Award - Louis Rissland (ASM) - Fallen 
Bronze Achievement Award - Peter Smejkal (GEM) - Castles in the Sky: 56 Leonard Street, New York City

2016 October Juried Show


Best in Painting - Frank Colaguori - Rusted Roller
Best in Photography - Michael Menendez - Sunrise Storm
Best in Sculpture - Mitsu - Love Story
Caivano Memorial Award for Oil - Miguel Figueras - Autumn in Paris
Caivano Memorial Award for Watercolor - Mike Scherfen - Dom
Mitchell Award for Acrylic - Pat Hutchinson - Green Dancer
Friedlander Award for Abstract - Christina Sanes - New York Island
Barbara Shieldkret Memorial Award for Abstract Painting - Leona Tenebruso-Shultes - Park Life
Guild Award for Artistic Innovation - Crystal Hover - Cookies and Cream
Willy Memorial Award for Photography - Beverly Burke - Ebb and Flow
Bronze Achievement Award - Beverly Hertler - Red Sails
Bronze Achievement Award - Buren Gilpin - At the Shore
Bronze Achievement Award - Christina Sanes - Naked
Bronze Achievement Award - David Levy - Diptych: Music is in the Eye of the Beholder #3 & #4
Bronze Achievement Award - Deborah Redden - Streetscape
Bronze Achievement Award - Helene Condouris - Provincetown Marina
Bronze Achievement Award - William Rackin - I Will Remember
Bronze Achievement Award - Frank Parisi - Cuban Butcher
Bronze Achievement Award - Marilyn Baldi - Novice #4
Bronze Achievement Award - Wayne Londregan - Beneath Convention Hall, Asbury Park

2016 EyeSights Juried Photography Show


Best in Color - Hal Kahn (EXM) - The Drawing Class
Best in Monochrome - Bruce Himelman - Court House Station-Wash DC

Alice Tendler Award for Artistic Innovation - Geri Gray (GEM) - Morning Dew
Al Goldstein Award for Landscape - Joan Myers (EXM) - Misty
Anna Hew Memorial Award for Architectural Photograph - Joel Goldberg - Going Up
Silver Award for Action - Peter Smejkal - Morning Bath
Silver Award for Animals - Edward Deverell (GEM) - Rescued Me
Silver Award for Botanical - Mark Schwartz (EXM) - Late Afternoon Walk in the Woods
Silver Award for Macro - Marc F (EXM) - Mr. Moonlight
Silver Award for People - Cathy Mumford (ASM) - Hope and Pride
Bronze Achievement Award - Diane Ali (GEM) - Possibilities
Bronze Achievement Award - Mary Fenton (GEM) - Morning in Yellowstone
Bronze Achievement Award - Estelle Knize - Painted Lady
Bronze Achievement Award - Dana McKay (GEM) - Just Hangin' Out
Bronze Achievement Award - Lucille Rielly - Climbers
Bronze Achievement Award - Rob Rielly - Mask
Bronze Achievement Award - Robert Siliato (GEM) - Conjoined Opposites
Bronze Achievement Award - William Unger - Rose Petals with Lace

2015 October Juried Show


Best in Painting - Donald Robinson - Island Regatta
Best in Photography - Kathy Watso - Industrial Lightbulb
Best in Sculpture - Linda Colaguori - Whirlwind

Caivano Memorial Award for Oil - Sandy Taylor - Autumn
Caivano Memorial Award for Watercolor - Tera Yoshimura - House in the Mist
Mitchell Award for Acrylic - Lorraine Madsen - Awesome
Friedlander Award for Abstract - Will Rackin - Love What Is True
Guild Award for Artistic Innovation - Arthur Futernik - Clementine
Technical Excellence Award - Bill Ross - Reliquary
Reilly Memorial Award for Photography - Ellen Martin - Abandoned #58 - My Reflection
Painting Honorable Mention - Anthony Migliaccio - Anthony's Nose
Painting Honorable Mention - Deborah Redden - Second Story
Painting Honorable Mention - Harvey Rogosin - On the Path to Chatham Harbor
Photography Honorable Mention - Joseph Imbesi - Lifeboat
Photography Honorable Mention - Kristopher Schoenleb - Descent

2015 EyeSights Juried Photography Show


Best in Color - Darlene Foster - Groundhog Day
Best in Monochrome - Joel Goldberg - Hanging Out

Guild Award for Artistic Innovation - Ron Pearl - The History Book (Battle of Monmouth)
Al Goldstein Award for Landscape - Colin Seitz (EXM) - Schoodic Point
Frame to Please Award for Best Pet Image - Corinne Cavallo (GEM) - Into the Darkness
Silver Award for Animals - Joseph DiFiglia - Icelandic Friends
Silver Award for Botanical - Bill Unger - Tulip
Silver Award for Landscape - Laury Egan (EXM) Holmdel Lake Circles
Silver Award for Macro - Dena DZio (GEM) - The Power Of One - Number Three
Silver Award for People - Ron Pearl - The Man Wearing a Newsboy Cap
Silver Award for Places - Rich Despins - Walking into the Fog
Silver Award for Still Life - Jenifer Rutherford - Twig and Spoon Still Life
Bronze Achievement Award - Vicki DeVico (EXM) - Grasses
Bronze Achievement Award - Mary Fenton (GEM) - Morning has broken
Bronze Achievement Award - Darlene Foster - All the Pretty Little Horses
Bronze Achievement Award - Joan Myers (EXM) - Apple Sorbet
Bronze Achievement Award - Monte Pellmar (ASM) - Grazing on the Maasai Mara
Bronze Achievement Award - Lucille Rielly - Fish for Sale
Bronze Achievement Award - Rob Rielly - Stults
Bronze Achievement Award - Bill Unger - Frozen
Bronze Achievement Award - Eric Williams - The Passage Home