The online registration period is January 1 to 31, 2024
No registration will be accepted after January 31.

Online submission is the only way to register.
There will be no paper registration form.

 Over $1,500 in Awards

Open to Guild Members and Non-Members

Receiving of conditionally accepted artwork is only one day:
Wednesday, February 28, 2024, noon to 7 pm

Exhibit Dates: March 2 to March 27, 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024 the online registration link will appear at the bottom of this page.


Your registration must be complete before the deadline,
without errors, omissions or failure to pay the correct registration fee.

Therefore, you are strongly advised not to wait till the last day to register. Should there be a problem with any aspect of your registration there may not be time to remedy it.

If you register too close to the deadline date and any information is incomplete,
you risk rejection of your filing.

Please read the Prospectus carefully before you register.


Eligibility: Open to all photographers working in traditional, digital or combination of both.

Entry and judging categories: Monochrome and Color photography.  No photographs previously shown at the Guild will be accepted.

All elements in a composite image must be the original work of the submitting artist and may not incorporate photographic elements produced by anyone else. However, computer generated textures and other software enhancements may be used to complement the photographic image. No mixed media.

  • All entries must have originated with a camera.
  • A phone that takes pictures is a camera – allowed;
  • A computer generated image is not a camera – not allowed;
  • A stock photo is a photo taken by someone else – not allowed;
  • An image, or an element in an image, that is AI generated – not allowed.

    The Guild has the right to reject objectionable and non-conforming images.

Submittal: All entries must be submitted online as digital jpg image files. The judge will review the digital jpg images to select those suitable for conditional acceptance to exhibit in the show. The final Award judging will be based on the actual photographs on display in the exhibit. Up to 3 images may be submitted. Based on the judge’s decision and subject to exhibit space availability, all of your entries may be accepted.

Each entry uploaded must be in the jpg format (sRGB color space is best for color images viewed on a monitor) with no less than 2000 pixels on the longest side. Resolution does not matter since it’s only for screen display. Artist’s initials or name identification must not be visible in the jpg, although it may appear on the final accepted print submitted for gallery exhibit and final judging. (If you’ve made your name or initials part of the digital image, you’ll need to clone them out of the jpg you submit.)

You must name your jpg entries as follows:
            Your last name_your first name_Title of artwork
            For example: Smith_Mary_The Tree on the Hill.jpg
            Note: Incorrect naming could result in disqualification.

The online submission period is from January 1 to 31, 2024.
Online submission is the only way to enter – there will be no paper registration form.

The Entry Fee is as follows:
     Guild members – $15 for one entry; $25 for two; $35 for three
     Non-members – $35 for one entry; $45 for two; $55 for three
    The entry fee is non-refundable.

Acceptance: The judge will review the submitted jpg images and select those that are to be exhibited in the show—these are the conditionally accepted1 photographs. On February 15 a list of artists and artwork conditionally accepted into the exhibit will be posted on the Guild’s website

1Final acceptance is contingent on the jpg you submit being an accurate representation of the work you deliver, have excellent print quality, and meet all of the requirements described in this Prospectus.

Delivery of Conditionally Accepted Artwork: All work must be hand delivered to the Guild on Wednesday, February 28, between noon and 7 pm. Though not required, for the best presentation you are encouraged to use a white mat for framed work. Works must not exceed 48″ on any side (including multi-panel works.) Works must be suitably framed, wired and ready for hanging. No alligator clips or table top frames allowed. Framed pieces over 36 inches in any direction (including the frame outer dimensions) normally displayed under glass must have Plexiglas instead of glass. Wraparound canvas must be printed on all sides, without exposed staples. Work shall not exceed a maximum weight of 25 pounds. Non-conforming work will be rejected at the discretion of the receiving committee. All artwork must be for sale and remain until the show ends. The Guild receives a 33 1/3 % commission on all sales.

Insurance: Please note: The Guild of Creative Art specifically disclaims any liability for the loss, damage, or theft of any artwork exhibited or stored on its premises. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work from delivery to pick-up and return to artist.

Judge: Joel Morgovsky. Click HERE for his bio.

– Gold Award for Best in Category (Monochrome, Color) – $200 each category;
– Alice Tendler Memorial Award for Artistic Innovation – $100;
– Al Goldstein Memorial Award for Landscape – $100;
– H. Jeffrey Leonard Memorial Award for Action Photograph – $100;
– Bob Grunke Memorial Award for Street Photograph (Urban) – $100;
– Jane Fitzgerald Award for Wildlife Photograph – $100;
– Lorraine Ravner Memorial Award for Monochrome Photograph – $100;
– Thomas Patti Memorial Award for Sports Photograph – $100;
– Bob Warwick Memorial Award for Pet Photograph – $100;

– Silver Awards for Excellence in: Animals, Botanical, People, & Places – $100 each;
– Bronze Achievement Awards (medals only).
Awards subject to change. Additional awards to be announced. All award winners will receive medals.
The judge will make awards based on the actual framed artwork submitted, not on the jpg.


Before clicking the online registration link below make sure you:
1. Price your work correctly, knowing that the Guild receives 33 1/3% commission on sales
2. Have named and sized your jpg’s as instructed in this Prospectus
3. Have read and understand all the requirements and restrictions outlined in this Prospectus

Beginning Jan 1 and ending Jan 31, you will be able to register by clicking HERE.