Fat Over Lean
Mixed Media


Karen Dooney

Deborah Redden, a lifetime resident of the Jersey Shore and an avid sailor, paints on location the boats, lighthouses and scenes that have shaped her life and constantly challenge her artistic style. Over time she has changed from a traditional approach in painting to a freer more abstract style. She works to capture the emotion of the scene in a spontaneous burst of color and brush work that results in a unique expression of artistic energy.

“Painting is my passion and my intent is to infuse that energy and emotion into my work.  Over the past few years I have moved away from the traditional application of paint to develop a style that is spontaneous in textural brush work and unique in its presentation.  I love pushing the color into new directions for a dramatic burst of light.  Painting outdoors on location, I often choose to interpret the landscape of the shore, a subject close to my heart having grown up on the Jersey Coast.  I begin by figuring out what drew me to the scene and making several sketches in pen and pencil to determine the value and light patterns.  By the time I actually put paint on the brush, I have carefully planned my approach.  This technique allows me to lay down the paint in a spontaneous, creative brush stroke keeping the painting fresh and alive.

Events of my life have led me into teaching and I’ve found that each student as well as each painting offers a new challenge, a new blank page and an opportunity to not only help students develop artistically but to re-examine my own work.  As an artist I’m constantly changing and growing.  It’s exciting and addictive. As I begin to think about the next painting and the next student and my fellow artist and what I need to teach, and what I’m going to share, I realize there is so much to do.   And I also realize how excited I am to begin.”

This class is designed to teach students of all levels the fascinating process of watercolor. Students will learn how to use color, texture and value to create dynamic watercolor paintings. Brush work, application of paint, composition and design will be emphasized. Classes will be individualized for each student with subsequent lessons building on prior knowledge. Each class begins with a demo and appropriate warm up exercise, followed by students painting from their own material. Sessions end with closure and recap.

Lessons: 8
Location: Guild Studio
Cost: $200 Guild members / $230 non-members
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00, and 12:30 – 2:30, Mondays and 5:00 – 7:00 Wednesdays
For info and start date, call: 732-741-9103


Limited enrollment
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