Painting with Acrylic
It’s No Big Mystery

With Tera Yoshimura

Acrylic paintings
by Tera Yoshimura

I have been painting with acrylic for over forty years, yet I still meet so many artists who say acrylic is difficult to work with. What is it about acrylic that makes it such a mystery? Acrylic is incredibly versatile. It dries fast, it is easy to mix, the colors are vibrant and you can slow down or speed up the drying time. You can use it straight from the tube or water it down to the consistency of watercolor. If you don’t like your results, you can sand your canvas, Gesso and start over. Acrylic has come a long way since the 1950’s. Even the professional artist has trouble telling an acrylic painting from an oil painting.

I am offering a three hour class in acrylic painting for all ability levels. There will be instruction for the whole group and individual instruction throughout. I will also be doing demonstrations as well as painting different subjects on canvas.

Through the decades I have learned so much about painting. Every artist has their own personal technique, style and approach to their art. I am no different. I will be giving my students my own tips and shortcuts to making the painting process an easier one. Please join me.

Contact me for a list of materials needed prior to the first class.

Lessons: 4
Location: Guild Studio
Cost: Guild Members: $125
          Non-Members: $155
Ages: 18 to Adults
Time: 9:00 – Noon Fridays
Call 713-385-4835 for info, materials and start date


Limited enrollment
To register call: 732-741-1441 or click on a link below
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