Visualization and Photo Critique
A Workshop by Renowned Photographer and
EyeSights 2023 Judge

Arik Gorban

Sunday, May 7, 2023
1:00 to 5:00
at the Guild of Creative Art

Explore unique and exciting photo
opportunities around your home or
while traveling.

Arik is a photographer and photography instructor who focuses on the creative aspects of the photographic art form.

His experience covers the complete photographic process, including analog photography, darkroom work, and extensive digital imaging. He frequently judges photo contests, including multiple international Salon competitions and juried exhibitions.

Arik presents photography programs internationally and exhibits his fine art photography. He also photographs events and conducts photography workshops, such as this one.

Arik Gorban is the recipient of numerous awards in photo contests and his work and articles have been published in the US and internationally.


This workshop begins with a discussion about creative seeing and understanding how to make engaging, interesting, and personally-expressive photographs. We discuss visualization and the key considerations when planning and making photographs.

An interactive photo critique session is next on our agenda. Students will review and critique a collection of images.

Hands-on practice is next, photographing table-top setups and portraits. You will learn to focus on creating interesting photographs about the subjects, not just accurate recordings. We explore visual ideas and various tools and techniques that allow us to craft unique images. Our objective is for you to learn to see creatively and make more meaningful photographs, while developing the tools to evaluate your own work and the work of other photographers. I will provide you with tools, not rules, for making better photographs. Conformity to rules often inhibits creativity and the development of a personal style. Your own vision and style are important.

You will have the opportunity to photograph tabletop setups and portraits. I recommend that you bring a camera and lens combination that allows for close-up photography and exposure control. A tripod and an off-camera lighting gear (flash or LED light) will also be useful. A smart phone is also acceptable.

Registration must be paid in full by
May 5, 2023

Enrollment is limited.

$30 for Guild members
$40 for non-members

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